Eco Friendly Practices

We utilize latest cutting-edge technologies such as the QLS process to assure highly efficient and environmentally responsible production of the highest quality lead, specifically designed for the lead-acid battery manufacturer.

Responsible production

As “Leaders in Lead” we take our health, safety and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We operate a ‘Safe for Life’ health and safety initiative throughout the company. We strive to attain the highest environmental standards throughout our operations and invest continuously to optimise the use of natural resources and energy. We do everything possible to sustain the greenery and environment, the same tempo is maintained even during our production, we have espoused state-of-the-art Plants & Machinery that is fully equipped with Pollution Control apparatuses.

Environmental Controls

Some of the measures taken by us include implementation of Dust Collection Systems Flue gases from furnaces and air from ventilation systems are vented to cyclones, scrubbers, baghouses, etc. for particulate removal. Flue dust must be removed from the separator (air pollution control equipment) and transported to storage, recycle streams, or to off-plant receivers. Flue Dust Agglomeration Furnace Provide local exhaust ventilation that controls lead emissions at the slag port, launder, and receiving kettles.