Lead Oxide

Lead Suboxide, Grey Oxide or sometimes also called black oxide is a compound formed by the interaction of oxygen and Lead metal under such controlled conditions of oxidation that every particle is allowed to be oxidized partially upto the extent of 75% PbO max. It is a product of great importance in the field of secondary cells.
It is very sensitive to humidity and even the slight presence of water droplets turns the grey oxide to dirty yellow colour and reduces the metallic lead content.

Form and Colour Greenish Grey Powder
Free Lead % 28 – 35
PbO   % 65 – 72
Retention on 240 mesh BS Sieve: (63 Micron IS Sieve) 1 % Max
Apparent Density (Scott) gms / cc 1.4 – 1.6
Water Absorption mg/gm 110 – 120
Acid Absorbtion mg/gm 160  – 200
Chemical Formula Pb.2Pb0
Purity % 99.99
 *We also provide product as per customer specification