Lead Products


Red Lead

Red lead, also called minium, Lead tetroxide, or triplumbic tetroxide, is a bright red or orange crystalline or amorphous pigment.

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Lead Oxide

Lead Suboxide, Grey Oxide or sometimes also called black oxide is a compound formed by the interaction of oxygen and Lead metal under such controlled conditions of oxidation that every particle is allowed to be oxidized partially upto the extent of 75% PbO max.

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Lead Alloy

An alloy is mixture of two or more metals in a matrix of mother metal. The lead alloys find their use in Grid of Lead Acid Battery plates.

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Pure Lead

There are two types of pure lead available in market. One is primary pure lead, which is produced from lead ore and the second one is Secondary refined lead, which is produced from recycling of lead bearing scraps. In the secondary refined lead Pyrometallurgical process is adopted for refining.

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