Pure Lead

There are two types of pure lead available in market. One is primary pure lead, which is produced from lead ore and the second one is Secondary refined lead, which is produced from recycling of lead bearing scraps. In the secondary refined lead Pyrometallurgical process is adopted for refining. Now days, Pyrometallurgical process is so developed that a refined lead of 99.98% purity can easily be produced which is good enough to produce high quality of Lead Oxide.

(Standard specification)
  ELEMENTS Regular Quality Special Low Impurity
  Antimony 0.002% Max 0.001% Max
  Arsenic  0.001% Max 0.001% Max
  Bismuth  0.030% Max 0.020% Max
  Copper  0.003% Max 0.001% Max
  Iron  0.001% Max 0.001% Max
  Calcium  0.002% Max 0.001% Max
  Selenium  0.001% Max 0.0005% Max
  Nickel  0.001% Max 0.001% Max
  Silver  0.005% Max 0.0035% Max
  Tin  0.001% Max 0.001% Max
  Zinc  0.001% Max 0.0005% Max
  Cadmium  0.001% Max 0.001% Max
  Other Impurities  0.03  % Max 0.02% Max
  Purity %  99.97% 99.98%
*We also provide product as per customer specification