Red Lead

Red lead, also called minium, Lead tetroxide,  or triplumbic tetroxide, is a bright red or orange crystalline or amorphous pigment. Chemically, red lead is lead tetroxide, Pb3O4.This compound’s Latin name minium originates from the Minius River in northwest Spain where it was first mined.

Red Lead is used in the manufacture of batteries, lead glass and rust-proof primer paints. Red Lead is most often used as a pigment for primer paints for iron objects. In the past, it was used in combination with linseed oil as a thick, long-lasting anti-corrosive paint. The combination of minium and linen fibres was also used for plumbing. Currently it is mostly used for manufacture of Batteries, glass, especially lead glass. It finds limited use in some amateur pyrotechnics as a relatively potent oxidizer.

(Standard specification)
Column 1 Column2
Form and Colour Orange Red Powder
Specific Gravity 9.1
Retention on 240 mesh BS Sieve: (63 Micron IS Sieve) % Max 0.25
Apparent Density (Scott) gms / cc 1.3 – 1.6
Water Absorption mg/gm 80 – 100
Acid Absorption mg/gm 150 – 160
PbO2 % 30 – 33.2
Pb3O4 % 86 – 95
Moisture content % Max 0.05
Chemical Formula Pb3O4
Purity % 99.9
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